2011 VT



Torsdagar 18.30 - 20.00, Instruktör: Ulla Roselin

V2: Repetition

V3: Live, Laugh, Love, Video

V4: Tush Push, Video

V5: Never & Forever, Video

V6: Repetition, Bonus: Shoop Shoop, Video

V7: Purple 16, Video

V8: Irish Stew, Video

V9: Inställt


V11: Like It Rough, Video

V12: Precious Time, Video

V13: Mini Mariana, Video

V14: Repetition


Grundkurs dag 

Onsdagar 14.00 - 15.30, Instruktör: Erland Blixt

V2: Easy Fun, video. California Freeze, video

V3: Lindi Shuffle, video

V4: J Ho AB, video

V5: Mamma Maria, video

V6: Repetition

V7: 1 2 3 Waltz, video

V8: §Money, Money, Money§, video

V9: Repetition

V10: Cowgirls Twist, video

V11: First Cha, video

V12: Cowboy Charlestone, video

V13: Repetition



Forts1 Dag 

Tisdagar 14.00 - 15.30, Instruktör: Erland Blixt

V2: Repetition.

V3: Chachanela, video

V4: A House With No Curtains + Chachanela

V5: Eternal Triangle, video

V6: Repetition.

V7: Shoop Shoop, video 1, video 2

V8: Mojo Mambo, video

V9: Repetition.

V10: Blue Night Cha, video

V11: Repetition.

V12: Cowboy Charlestone, video

V13: Repetition



Forts 2

Tisdagar 18.30 - 20.00, Instruktör: Kerstin Engblom

Onsdagar 18.30 - 20.00, Instruktör: Linda Lindquist

V2: Repetition

V3: We No Speak Americano, Video

V4 Sleeping Child, Video

V5: Repetition

V6: No Gravity, Video

V7: Blue Night Cha, Video

V8: Repetition

V9: Go Jaded, Video

V10: No More Roads, Video

V11: Repetition

V12: Jig About, Video

V13: Open Book, Video

V14: Repetition


Forts 3

Tisdagar 20.00 - 21.30, Instruktör: Kerstin Engblom

Onsdagar 20.15 - 21.45, Instruktör: Linda Lindquist

V2: Wonderland Waltz, Video

V3: Repetition

V4: Won't Let Go, Video

V5: A Walk On The Wild Side, Video

V6: Repetition

V7: Rolling In The Deep, Video

V8: Burlesque, Video

V9: Repetition

V10: Innocent, Video

V11: Get Up Dance, Video

V12: Repetition

V13: Beer Or Gasoline, Video

V14: Repetition


Forts 4

Måndagar 19.30 - 21.30, Instruktör: Kjell Magnusson

V2: Repetition.

V3: I Belong To You, Video + Give A Little More, Video

V4: Repetition.

V5: Repetition.

V6: Hollywood, video

V7: Repetition.

V8: Beautiful Monster, video

V9: Repetition

V10: Hurts Instead, video

V11: Inställt

V12: Repetition

V13: The Pulse, video

V14: Repetition



Nostalgi HT 2011

Varannan söndag ojämn vecka med start 4 september.

Instruktör: Kerstin Engblom


V 35:  Slow Burn, Video        On The Water, Video        Where We've Been, Video        Somebody Like You, Video

V 37:  Fields Of Gold, Video        Same Old Ride      Evergreen, Video

V 39:  Can't Stop Loving You      She's Madonna, Video        Jukebox

V 41:   Maybe I Could, Video      The Way       We're Alive, Video            Mars Attack

V 43:  Sweet Little Dangerous, Video       Rock'n'roll Bride           It's Up To You

V 45:  Atlantis       All Day Long              Join The Queue